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Still available to download is the Pre-Submission version of The Plan for the first round of formal public consultation in accordance with ‘Regulation 14’.  The Plan and all the supporting documents are in the Documents section – open TNP Regulation 14 Consultation Documents.

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The Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan is for the benefit of the community of Tiverton.  It is your plan.  Please take a look.

What is the Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan?

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan sets out to ensure that Tiverton is a sustainable community and that all future developments meet government legislation regarding emissions, passivity and carbon neutrality. The Plan is being subjected to scrutiny to test its sustainability, in part by using the One Planet guidelines.

To ensure that the plan has its proper roots in local history and economy The Plan reviews the relevant history and seeks to analyse economic, social and population needs. It identifies opportunities and challenges for the Tiverton community and express these through a Vision for Tiverton.

The Neighbourhood Plan pays due regard to the size of the town and proportionate development and considers housing needs and affordable and social housing. It seeks to ensure that the character of any new development will reflect Tiverton’s architectural heritage while being energy efficient and economical to live in.

The Plan aims to aid the protection of Tiverton’s conservation areas, listed buildings and structures of historical interest. It also aims to protect valued green spaces, significant views, sporting facilities, allotments and growing areas, and cultural sites.

The Plan seeks to provide safe and sustainable routes around the parish for cyclists and pedestrians and ensure easy access. This will include access to the Canal Basin, Knightshayes Court and other historic sites in the town. It seeks to provide opportunities for the continued occupation of commercial premises in the town centre, maintaining Tiverton as a retail centre while protecting and enhancing the public realm.

The Plan also recommends non-policy actions, like reducing speed limits in the town centre, as items are suggested by local people.

What have we worked on:

  • In the long term how do we maintain a good retail town centre?
  • How will we be travelling in twenty years’ time – will we need more car parks or electric charging stations?
  • What can we plan for to make Tiverton a town people want to visit?
  • What sort of housing, where and how much, will we need in twenty years’ time?
  • How best can we ensure housing is good to live in, easily accessible and carbon neutral?
  • How do we link our heritage and tourism for the benefit of the town?
  • How much land should be reserved for commercial and industrial development to grow Tiverton’s prosperity?
  • How much open space should we plan for? And how much allotment space will we need with gardens decreasing in size?


During 2020 these and many other questions were discussed and recommendations made.

These have been turned into a set of policies and suggested non-policy cimmunity actions.

After further consultation these will be refined and put to a public vote in the town – now likely in December 2021.

Meanwhile the Draft Plan for Informal Public Consultation was made available in Autumn 2020.

The key objectives of the Focus Groups were:

  • Housing
  • Highways and Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Retail and Business
  • Recreation and Open Spaces

Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Go to DOCUMENTS to see and download the latest Draft Plan