Focus Groups

Focus Groups’ Remit

The Neighbourhood Plan will set out the policies against which planning applications will be judged in Tiverton parish. It does not replace the Mid-Devon district policies, rather it should complement them and add more detail. The sorts of planning applications that may be relevant range from small changes to existing properties to large developments and substantive changes that could have long term effects on the whole community.We have an opportunity to consider what we would like Tiverton to be like in the medium to long term, and how to achieve that:

  • Understanding what is needed locally and how we might help to contribute to that.
  • The types of development most needed in the parish.
  • Where any development might be best placed geographically.
  • How to secure and ensure the economic future of Tiverton as a thriving place in which to live and work.

Focus Groups’ Policy Areas

  • The main consultation and work for the The Plan was done through five focus groups. Each had a defined task:
  • Housing.
  • Tourism.
  • Commerce, retail and employment.
  • Highways and transportation.
  • Recreation, facilities and open spaces.

The purpose of each Focus Group was to assist the Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee in the preparation of the Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan. Focus Groups have addressed particular aspects of the designated Neighbourhood Plan Area and assessed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, thus contributing to the strategic vision for the The Plan.Each Focus Group had the following threads in considering any aspect:

  • Wellbeing and healthy living.
  • Heritage and conservation.
  • Environment and sustainability.
  • Accessibility.

Focus Group’s Objectives


Housing needs over the 20 years, carbon neutrality, accessible affordability, mix and styles, densities, relevant sittings, land banking, HMO. Housing developments in outlying communities.

Highways and Transportation:

Public transport, local bus services, parking, cycling, cycle paths, footpaths, rights of way, speed controls, public transport hub, signage, access to historic sites, signage from M5.Tourism:Communal promotion, overnight camping provision, signage, footpaths, parking, listed buildings, heritage sites.

Retail and Business:

Town centre premises, West Exe shopping premises, access and pedestrian streets, travel hub, signage, Town Centre Plan for Pannier Market area, developing trading opportunities.

Recreation and Open Spaces:

Conservation areas, historic sites, sports and recreation facilities, listed buildings, community space, allotments, heritage sites.