Public Consultation

The ultimate success of The Plan depends on the Tiverton community supporting it.  To achieve that the community needs to know about it

The main public consultation stages are:

  • Informal Consultation

The Draft Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan for Informal Consultation was published in September 2020.  There was an encouraging amount of feedback:  by email, surveys, social media and personal (socially distanced) contact.

This consultation is now closed

  • Regulation 14 Consultation

This is the first statutory consultation.  Following updates from the MDDC Screening and feedback from the community the next version of The Plan has been prepared for the Regulation 14 Consultation in April 2021.  Tiverton Town Council endorsed The Plan for Regulation 14 Consultation at its meeting on 22 March 2021.

A formal Public Notice was published to mark the start of the eight week consultation period – on 13 April 2021.  A further Public Notice was published on 25 May 2021 extending the closing date to 30 July 2021

This consultation has now now closed, however we would still like your feedback.

Still available to download are The Plan and the associated documents.  These are in the Documents section – look in “TNP Regulation 14 Consultation Documents”

This section also contains a PDF of a Summary Pamphlet that was distributed to all addresses in the Parish by Royal Mail.  However, we have become aware that many people have not had one.  There is a small stock available available for collection from the Town Hall Foyer.

The ways to provide feedback are in the Contact Us section

This content updated 15 Aug 2021.

  •  Regulation 16 Consultation

This is the second statutory consultation, which is run by Mid Devon District Council.  Hopefully this will start in late June or early July 2021.

A formal public notice will be published to mark the start of the consultation period.

This content will be updated in due course.

  • Examination

An examiner will be appointed to examine The Plan.  This person will be identified in June-July 2021.  Normally the examination will be undertaken without the need for public hearings.  It is hoped that this will take place in July-August 2021.

The output from the examination is – we hope – a recommendation that The Plan be ‘made’ and presented for a referendum.

This content will be updated in due course.

  • Referendum

This is the final statutory step.  It is hoped that this can take place by December 2021, but will be subject to the prevailing Coronavirus Pandemic circumstances, and the progress with the prior statutory activities.

Only a simple majority of the votes cast is needed for The Plan to be adopted, and become part of the formal Tiverton Development Plan, alongside the adopted Local Plan and other relevant plans.

Even if the Referendum is delayed, the fact that it passed the examination stage means that its policies are taken into account in the consideration of planning applications by Mid Devon District Council and Tiverton Town Council.

This content will be updated in due course.

This may seem like a long time to get to the Referendum, but there are many statutory processes to be undertaken and there are no short cuts.